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The Glorious Return of Tokio Hotel

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If you know me personally or have been reading my blog for a long time [thank you!] you’ll definitely know that the band that means everything in the world to me is Tokio Hotel. I have been a fan for 9 years and still going strong. People ask me why I love them so much and it’s both difficult and easy to answer because there’s a ton of things I love about them can’t express all of it in words. With this band, it’s much more than the music. Yes, it was their music that got them my attention but as time passed my love for Tokio Hotel developed into a relationship of a sort. I’ve grown up with this band, watched them evolve and become the individuals they are today and that evolution has influenced my personality, individuality and made me into who I am.

th throwback

th now

They are my idols, my heroes and my inspiration because they fed my love for music while giving me companionship, laughs, and a journey to accompany them on. Growing up loving a band who are close to you in age is the best thing in the world because you grow up together and as your music taste develops and becomes more complex, so does the band’s. You are not leaving them behind and nor are they becoming something you don’t recognize because the relatability remains in the life experiences that you and the band are having in roughly the same ages. When I was in my teens and so were the members of Tokio Hotel, the music was about independence, freedom and growing up; now when we’re in our twenties, the music is complex, dark and an amalgamation of emotion that is the quarter-life-crisis. I’m no longer the person I was 5 years ago and it’s great to see the same type of change in Tokio Hotel: Growth. In so many ways.

th now 2

After their last album Humanoid [2009] Tokio Hotel went into a 5 year hibernation. It was a long and painful wait for new music and there were times when I was angry at them for not giving us anything to cling to. I won’t harp on about those grueling 5 years but I will say that their announcement of a new album this year is the best thing I have heard in a long time and has given me a happiness that has completely saturated my body and cannot be washed out. The new album Kings of Suburbia will release on October 6th [October 3rd in Germany] and the hype cannot be greater. With the super deluxe edition already sold out worldwide on pre-order and a screaming demand from fans for more copies, there is mass hysteria on the rise. I myself pre-ordered the super deluxe edition from France after a few very dramatic phone calls to Amazon USA and India.


The band released the video for their first single from the album ‘Run, Run, Run’ yesterday, 12th September 2014 and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. The song itself is breathtaking; sad, filled with longing, and ethereal. It’s a slow ballad, only vocals and the piano, and so very different from Tokio Hotel’s last two albums. Needless to say, I burst into tears the first time I heard it. #sorrynotsorry. It actually reminded me of some of their lesser known German songs like ‘Geh’ [‘Go’], ‘Unendlichkeit’ [‘Infinity’] and ‘Hilf Mir Fliegen’ [‘Help Me Fly’] from their earlier albums. Slow, deep and raw.


The video is all about simplicity and elegance. Done in black in white, it features lead singer Bill Kaulitz and his twin brother Tom Kaulitz. Tom switched from lead guitar to piano for the song and his skills are tremendous. I love how it’s a reminder that this is a band bringing back more traditional instruments instead of swapping all the sound for synthesized electro-pop which is so common nowadays and ditching auto-tune for clean vocals.


There is no dearth of emotion in Bill’s vocals and facial expressions and his skills as a singer and songwriter shine in’Run, Run, Run’. You can tell this album is going to be extremely personal and about the experiences the band has had in their 5-year break. With projections of swirling patterns on the walls, interesting use of shadows and lighting, the video is a visual treat while keeping it as stripped down and minimal as possible. You can watch the video below.

In conclusion, the song is a brilliant introduction to the new album and has left us fans hungry for more. The band has promised to release a new track from the album every Friday for the month of September and it’s a fantastic way to lead to the launch of the album itself. I can’t wait to see what more they have in store for us.

You can pre-order the album on Amazon and iTunes. Support the artist! :)

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The Times Of My Life, Squared.

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I am sorry for the mammoth of a break I took this past month… I was actually preoccupied with my first ever trip to the US and completely freaked out in New York City. Times Square is truly one of the most fantastical sites on the planet and I couldn’t help but gasp at its epic, dramatic and sharp beauty. It is also by the way the site Alicia Keys shot her scenes in Jay-Z’s ‘Empire State of Mind’. I was actually listening to the song while landing in NYC and it created excitement, fear and enthrallment in me, all at the same time.

So much has happened since I last wrote and article and let me give you a gist of some of the things that have occurred:

First of all I got back to the dreary life of school and never-ending revision and tests because, hooray, my exams start tomorrow. As a student doing her very first exam in a new school I must prepare to impress or get grounded. So with the fear of not seeing my boyfriend again for a month driving me on, I am definitely on the ‘impress’ road.

The second interesting thing was that I turned eighteen on the 15th of November [just this last Monday]. Everyone has the idea that because its you 18th birthday, you should have a really rocking time and lots fun, party with your friends and freak out, cos yay you can finally drive, vote, and get married. I haven’t done ANY of the above because not only did I wake up in the morning with the feeling that my birthday was going to suck… it actually DID! After having the worst birthday ever and that too my 18th turning out so lousy and not the way I planned, I decided to just go home and have a good cry cos hey, no one had the time to spend with me on my birthday, right? If it’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you can’t rely on anybody else to have a good time. I can’t put my trust in people because they end up smashing it into smithereens just for the sake of selfishness, and I’m not just saying it because I had a lousy birthday. I’m saying it because in this life there is no one you can trust unconditionally except family. Because my family were the ones who had an Italian dinner, an ice-cream cake and African red wine waiting for me at home. It was my family who wouldn’t let me shed a tear. And it was also all my friends who called, texted and gave me the hugs and support and the little outing to McDonald’s and Birdy’s that made it hurt less.

The FINAL thing that happened since I last wrote here is big. No, its positively massive! Its HUMONGOUS! Its going to shock, stupefy, stun, numb, excite, delight, maybe irritate or slightly anger you. You know its so huge and life-changing, that I might as well just say it because I have no more words to hold you in suspense…


And not just any old pattern from a musty old book with photographs/stencils of lame old butterflies, skulls, snakes and hearts. No, I got myself something that has been important to me for the past five years. I got Tokio Hotel’s insignia, the ‘TH’ in a circle, tattooed onto the back of my neck, just like lead singer and idol, BILL KAULITZ. :) Since everyone asks me ‘Why?’ let me tell you with the words written down, without you arguing your ass of and trying to make me see ‘reason’. Let me tell you the story of ‘Why’.

My Tattoo

My words get caught while coming out of my mouth and turn upside down and round and round so that I can’t convey to you exactly what I feel. So I’m writing it to you because I know my power as a writer is great and no matter how hard you try you cannot escape the grip of my words. You see this is where the hunter becomes the hunted.

There is nothing more suitable to be my first tattoo than the TH symbol, because it represents my love for Tokio Hotel and their music, my love for my idol and inspiration Bill Kaulitz and his life-saver of a smile, my intense relationship with music and its artists and my love for art itself as the symbol combines music art and inspiration all together. Not to mention the fact that I’m insane. :)

People have asked my ‘Why Tokio Hotel? There are better bands around.’ and I feel like saying ‘Why did God make you who you are and not somebody else?’ Because in the end its the same thing, isn’t it? You are asking me to identify myself to you and to justify my identification, which is unethical and not your place. If you don’t already know why, it’s because you don’t know me, so don’t go on asking for justification and the endless seas of ‘Why?’. For my friends who have known me for years or even for a little while, the reason should be clear and most of you know exactly why I got it. If it’s a question of liking the tattoo 20 years from today and not regretting it, don’t worry because it’s not on your body, is it? I chose this tattoo because it will forever represent on my body what Tokio Hotel were, who they are now, what they will become, and their metamorphic journey through music. I have grown up with them, shared my love, my hatred, cried my sorrows and screamed my frustrations all the while their music channeled energy into me. It represents the fact that I am who I am partly because of them and partly because of the people who are in my life. It is a symbol of my individuality and uniformity with other fans who also have this tattoo. We are a global team, I think, and understand what this band means to us.

So there you have it folks, the big things that happened since I last wrote on MHB. I know I’m a psycho, so you needn’t point out the obvious!

Now on to business:

My latest obsession in with My Chemical Romance’s single ‘SING’. It awakens an animal part of me. Not an animal who wants to attack and kill but rather an animal who stalks through the night, howling to the full moon and just reveling the feeling of being free. Yes I must admit it, it is slightly more mainstream than what MCR have come up with previously, but it doesn’t stop the track from being beautiful. Quite the contrary. You really feel like you want to ‘sing it from the heart’, where ‘it’ is your freedom, your expression, your identity and your place on this earth. The techno vibes coupled with the short, brisk piano strokes simply bring the harsh realties and dangers of life into perspective. The video isn’t quite what I expected with the band going all out in a laser-gun duel with guys in masks all to save a little kid… Err… I actually craved more drama in the video, because the only part that hit me hard was the part where Gerard Way is grabbed, pushed up against a wall, and shot. Being a huge Way fan, I freaked out. In a bad way. :S

Another big hit with me is a single Linkin Park have come up with ‘Waiting For the End’. It’s very dream-like and similar to ‘Leave Out All the Rest’ from their previous studio album,  ‘Minutes To Midnight’. I loved the intensity of the lyrics ‘This is not the end, this not the beginning’ and ‘so many things were left unsaid, its hard to let you go.’ Very emotional and in pain. I almost imagine a very painful dance between two lovers taking place… Or rather a very intense story unfolding from within the petals of the flower of hope. Something is SO haunting about this song that it makes you think about the mistakes you have made and what you would do to reverse them, at the same time it reminds you not to lose yourself in them. Simply beautiful, the video is striking and very in-sync with the dreamy-ness of the song. My favourite part about the song is the guitar solo from 3:06-3:14. Soul-stirring indeed. A definite tune for any playlist, its heartbreakingly beautiful. :’)

Here’s a link to the video for ‘SING’ by MCR—>

Here’s a link to Linkin Park’s ‘Waiting for the End’—>

Katy Perry: Always The Life Of The Party! :P

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I apologise heavily for my long absence, but it couldn’t be helped. I just started my brand new life in Mumbai, the city of dreams, and made a brand new beginning in a new school. I’ve met some really rocking people so far and already have a best friend/gf, a.k.a, Karishma Mishra! It’s funny how we’re called the ‘lesbian couple’ of the school, though we’re both straight… Maybe its got something to do with the fact that we are practically joined at the hips these days! That and a truckload of assignments and duties, you have yourself a new school life. :] 

Karishma and I :)

Speaking of girl-on-girl flings, and kissing girls and liking it, if ever anyone should have a pop-icon as an idol, it should be Katy Perry. Crazy, fresh, gorgeous and glamorous, Katy never fails to deliver a show of technicolor that blows fans’ minds to smithereens and dazzles the eyes blind. Sitting pretty like a modern china-doll, Katy Perry is the ultimate ‘Teenage Dream’ of our generation!

Katy Perry is just as sweet and refreshing as an ice-candy in the ‘indian summer’. With grooves to get your blood pumping and your feet kicking, there’s no denying the global-turnover that has resulted from her entering the music industry and hitting it big. She made it big with songs like ‘I Kissed a Girl’ and ‘Hot N Cold’ but what really catapulted her to a new level was the release of her single ‘California Gurls’. What I’m here today to discuss however, is the ‘Teenage Dream’ in our hearts right now. :)

Now, known for being an artist who inputs emotion into every single bit of pop she writes, Perry doesn’t disappoint with her delivery of an interpretation of teenage love. There are a number of layers to the song that many can interpret in their own way…

The song is about having a special someone in your life who no matter how old you are, takes you back to your younger days and shows you how to be a teenager again. The song is about unconditional love; ‘You think I’m pretty without any make-up on’ sings Katy, something that all girls hope to say about their boyfriends. She talks about how her lover brings back a childish, fun element in her grown-up and serious life, making life exciting and worth living again. They go and fool around in a motel by ‘making a fort out of sheets’, and go partying on beaches, and want to take the risk of trusting each other completely and going ‘all the way’ with ‘no regrets, just love.’ The song begins with very soft vocals and then progresses to Katy increasing the power of her voice, which could signify the increasing intensity of a relationship. “We can dance/ until we die/ You and I/ We’ll be young forever” is the element of the song that brings in seriousness; after all the song is not about being a teenager but feeling like one, so this line brings in the desire for committment as one transitions into an adult.

Katy sais the inspiration for ‘Teenage Dream’ [the song and the entire album] came from “kind of like feeling that way when you were a teenager: really emotional, really invested. … It’s intense being in love and being a teenager.” She said she was looking back to her youth and the care-free days of her life because she’s just so busy at this point of her life; releasing a new album, promoting and getting married to her fiance, funnyman Russel Brand, Katy really wanted to go back to relaxing and her ‘young dreams’.

To me, song defines what being in love and being truly, immaturely excited about it. It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are… You just need to savour the moments when you’re in love because those are the days your heart truly gets to express itself.. I would know! :) Katy Perry explores teen love in this song and what I can say about teen love [being a teen myself] is that its all about taking risks. In most cases of teenage love, you don’t end up marrying the person you are in love with at that moment. Teen love is sudden, unpredictable, and very intense because you know your time is limited. You love your boy/girlfriend like crazy, with all the love you can gather in your heart and give them everything so that they remember you out of the many people they have and will go on to date.

You may not end up going ‘all the way’ with every person you date, but there comes along that one person who you end up giving yourself too because you are just so in love. You never forget the first person who you do it with and they remain locked in your heart forever.

The actual song’s melody is not as catchy as that of ‘California Gurls’ and ‘Hot N Cold’ but it went on to top the US and New Zealand charts…  It’s extremely feel-good and light, like comfort food. The song is more a ballad than anything else, but Amos Barshad of New York said ” the bluntly muscular chorus (‘You! … make! … me!’)” prevents the song from becoming a complete ballad and adds the typical Katy-Perry-Pop-Feel to it. The music video features Katy Perry and her love interest partying ans stripping at a beach with a bunch of Katy’s friends. Its fun and lively and goes very well with the song. Katy said the song and the video show a more ‘raw, almost vulnerable’ side to her, as she had toned down the make-up and the drama. 

Clip from the Video

The song has become a fast favourite with wall of my friends [mostly girls] and I can’t stop listening to it! I think Katy Perry has outdone herself with her new album and am very impressed with the way the songs just come out and grab you. After all, this is the crazy Katy Perry we’re talking about here…. ;)

Here’s a link to the video for ‘Teenage Dream’—>

So you want to impress your girlfriend? Just tell her she’s your ‘Teenage Dream’! ;)

Psychotically signing off! <3


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