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Why Did The Romance Have To End?

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I think My Chemical Romance has been one of the greatest bands of our time and will continue to be so. Their raw energy and angst has fueled every teenage dream that I’ve had and spurred me on to try harder to be better, faster, stronger and more emotional about things that really matter. They came like a shooting star into my life and like most shooting stars are now gone, but their legacy will remain.

It was a shock when I heard they had announced their break-up. It was simply so hard to fathom, I sat there for ten minutes with my mouth open, sputtering words of denial and anger. Why? How could they do this to me? I felt as if they had wronged me personally because a world without MCR is a difficult world to live in.  My throat closed up and all I wanted to do at that moment was cry because this band meant more to me than I had realized. It’s true you don’t miss something until it’s gone.

Their third studio album and [arguably] most celebrated and successful one, The Black Parade, changed my life. It made me understand how intense music can be and never have I seen lyrics so artfully crafted. Gerard Way is a fantastic idol. A man of immense intelligence and a man who understands the change music can bring in a generation. I’ve spent so many years listening and re-listening to the Black Parade that I have memorized the lyrics of most of the songs and each of the guitar solos. I can’t even choose one favourite song from that album since I love them all so much. It seriously feels like there are little nettles in my belly when I think about the fact that MCR will no long create such masterpieces.

At the end of the day though, reading Gerard Way’s letter on why MCR broke up put a lot of things into perspective for me. I understand that it was time for them to end their journey as a band because all good things do come to an end as much as we don’t want them to. Perhaps someday they will reunite for a concert or collaboration to give us members of the MCRmy a little treat.

I want to celebrate this band. I want to celebrate what they have come to mean to me since the first time I discovered them in 2006  and how much they’ve taught me as I’ve grown up. They are one of the biggest names in Alternative Rock and have influenced so many other good musicians and inspired so many. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being a fan because as frontman Gerard Way said:

“My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die. 

It is alive in me, in the guys, and it is alive inside all of you.”

Long live the Romance.

I Live in Paradise City

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For my 50th post on MHB, I’d like to discuss something really personal and close to my heart. I think there are some moments in life that truly define you as a person. Whether it’s winning an award for a fantastic accomplishment or having a baby or receiving your first paycheck, they all mark points of your life you’re happiest or proudest and you never forget. To me, one of these moments was attending Guns ‘N’ Roses’ first ever concert in Bangalore. Now I mentioned in my last post that Bangalore is the city to be in if you want to see international artists perform, and boy am I thanking my stars I live here. I would call Bangalore my ultimate ‘Paradise City’.

I’ve  been a fan of Guns ‘N’ Roses since I was very little. In fact I don’t even remember when exactly I fell in love with them because they’ve always been present in my life. The person I have to thank for that is my gorgeous, kick-ass and totally awesome aunt who is a fan herself and introduced the band’s music to me. In fact my aunt and my mom are the two people who I thank first and foremost for the development of my interest in music, especially the soft spot I have for 80’s Rock. Going for the concert with them, especially my aunt, was truly something I will never forget as long as I live. Guns ‘N’ Roses are something my aunt and I have always bonded over and seeing Axl Rose perform on stage the songs we used to sing along to all through my childhood brought tears to my eyes. I know it sounds cheesy, but hey I was extremely emotional and working my way through a massive glass of beer.

Axl Rose is the only original member of Guns ‘N’ Roses left in the band and most of my friends didn’t attend the concert because they felt Slash’s absence had changed the band’s dynamics completely and he was the only one worth watching anyway. Being an Axl fangirl, I couldn’t disagree more because even though I admit I would have liked to see Slash, I didn’t feel the music had changed in any way. Guns ‘N’ Roses sounded as raw and powerful as ever and I didn’t think they needed Slash at all to sound brilliant. Axl Rose started off a little shaky, but as he warmed up he brought out a whole lot of energy. They performed Sweet Child O’ Mine, November Rain, Better, Paradise City and a lot more. His voice still sounds the same and he is truly a God of Rock.

We think our favourite musicians are invincible. We perceive them as forever young, having had a drink from the Fountain of Youth to make them beautiful, sexy, and dynamic but seeing Axl Rose that night was a bit of a wake-up call.

Axl Rose then:

Axl Rose now:

I was reminded that musicians are also only human and age, illness and death all affect them the same way as they do us. Having to live up to our expectations in fact adds more burden to their shoulders and it’s unfair for us to expect them to remain the same as time passes. Axl Rose may look very different, but I’m proud to be able to tell you that his voice and energy remain the same and so does his talent for song-writing. He even performed some of his famous dance moves along with Sweet Child O’ Mine and my aunt was screaming like the crazy fangirl she is. I was screaming away too even though I had a bad throat. To say it was epic would be an understatement.

As you all know my favourite band is Tokio Hotel and when my aunt told me that Guns ‘N’ Roses are her Tokio Hotel, it got me thinking; What will they look like in 20 years? Will they still be as sexy as they are now? Will they still be alive, making music? Where will I be? All I know for sure is that I will forever remain a fan of Bill and Tokio Hotel, just like my aunt stayed in love with Axl Rose and Guns ‘N’ Roses.

[Sorry, couldn’t help but add a photo of Bill!]


Only Love

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I love those songs that make life seem suddenly calmer and slower paced, songs that just chase away your fears and pain, if only for 4 minutes. These kind of songs really make me feel clear-headed and calm and give me a fresh perspective on the things going on around me. Sometimes I just feel like running away from this life and becoming someone else and I guess these pretty little songs give me that chance. For a few moments I imagine I am flying over oceans or driving through hills in Switzerland or maybe walking down a beautiful deserted beach, and it’s a little reboot for the brain.

An example of a song like this is ‘Only Love’ by Ben Howard. I have to say this song is a piece of heaven.

There is a warmth in the song, and the repetition of the word ‘love’ just creates a sense of reassurance and happiness within me. Ben Howard’s voice is soft and mellifluous, not something that you can easily forget. Relatively new in the music scene, Howard’s music is a wonderful example of folk rock, or rather a contemporary take on folk music. I find myself enamoured by artists like Ben who have voices that need to be heard but are often overshadowed by bigger and [some] overrated names.

Mostly consisting of just bass, drums and acoustic guitar, ‘Only Love’ is a simplistic yet pleasurable listen. It is utterly addictive and has a ‘feel good’ tone to it which is impossible to ignore as Howard’s voice drifts into you. I highly recommend listening to this song if you’re going out for a drive or a walk, or simply sitting down to Sunday brunch with your family.

The lyrics are repetitive but are designed to be so, which make them more powerful like a mantra.

Darling you’re with me, always around me.

Only love, only love.

Darling I feel you, under my body.

Only love, only love.

Give me shelter, or show me heart

Come on love, come on love.

Watch me fall apart, watch me fall apart.
I absolutely adore everything about this song, including the music video which perfectly portrays my perception of the song. Check the song out and let me know what you guys think. :)

Here is a quick list of a few other songs that really calm me down when I’m angry, or give me that little escape from reality once in a while:

1. Litost by the Ambassadors

2. Alone Together by Daley feat Marsha Ambrosius

3. Valerie by Amy Winehouse 

4. Use Somebody by Kings of Leon

5. White Blank Page by Mumford and Sons

There are of course way more but I guess I need to stop typing at some point and go to bed. xD

Hope you enjoy some of the songs listed here. Each one of them is incredible in its own right, one sung by a fallen star and others by rising ones. Life is all about the little things, you guys. :)

Do comment and let me know about your favourite little heavenly songs.

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Take care <3

Lana Del ‘Replay’

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So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I apologize because these past few weeks I’ve been travelling, and let me tell you guys, the best thing about Europe is the street musicians. In most towns and cities I have visited in Europe in my life, there is always a place designated for entertainers. Now entertainers can range from acrobats to magicians to people pretending to be statues, but my favourites will forever be street musicians. From guitarists on the road-side, to saxophone players in the subways, music seems to find a route straight to my heart. I will be putting up a few street musicians who really made an impression on me during my trip, so do check back and have a look at that. ; )

Alright, so I have a new obsession. Guessing by the title you probably already know who I’m talking about, and if you don’t well then I hope this post does a good job of introducing you to someone who I think will definitely make a mark in the music industry in the years to come.

Elizabeth Grant or Lana Del Rey is one of the best singers of our generation. There, I said it. In this age of electronically processed meat-I mean music, Del Rey has burst into the scene with a brand new perception on youth and music. While everyone else is shaking their rather prominent derrieres to annoying and repetitive beats and blending together into one hazy blur, Del Rey is breaking boundaries and swaying into the picture with class and grace that has gone missing from the industry.

From the second I first came across Del Rey’s music video for her single  ‘Born To Die’, I was completely sold. I knew that this girl would be huge someday and sure enough her videos have all gone viral and ‘Born To Die’ has hit number one in multiple countries along with ‘Video Games’.  Her second studio album Born To Die climbed to the top of the charts making her one of the breakthrough artists of 2012.

I think the best metaphor for her voice would be a glass of single malt whiskey. Smokey, deep, honey-toned, timeless, yet sharp and with a taste that lingers long after it’s gone… all round a rather pleasant experience for me personally, reminding me of Nancy Sinatra and in places, Sade Adu. She sings in a deep and heavy contralto, occasionally flitting up and down the scale, showing off her vocal skills successfully in most of her tracks.

While it is extremely hard to just pick one, ‘Born to Die’ is definitely my favourite track from this record. I am a person who enjoys tragedy and drama as themes-just ask my literature teachers how much I loved Hamlet- so ‘Born to Die’ held a special kind of appeal for me. The video is one of the most beautiful and artistically done music videos I have seen in a long time, and Del Rey is known for her visually stunning videos infused with 50s and 60s Americana pop culture.

The thing I have most noticed about Lana Del Rey is that people either hate her or love her. Her genre is a mix of alternative and indie pop and these are genres that were not widely popular until just a few years ago. Even now people are hesitant to deviate and explore these various branches of music which is a pity. Some critics have called Born To Die ‘repetitive and depressing’, but I believe that was pretty much the general theme going on there which involves lost love and the pain related, so I’m surprised they thought it would be a bright summery walk in the park.

All said and done, I absolutely ADORE Lana Del Rey, and feel she has brought something most people tend to overlook, back into music: Talent and vision. Some of the key tracks in Born To Die which are definitely worth checking out are:

1. Blue Jeans: I’m attaching the video because again, it is just too beautiful and extremely well-shot.

2. Summertime Sadness

3. Born to Die

4. Video Games

I myself have a playlist on my iTunes dedicated just to Lana and can’t stop listening to it. If you like the music and it’s your thing, you can buy the album on iTunes.

The ‘Wow’ Factor

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Linkin Park is one of the most iconic bands in the world today. The sheer integrity and tremendous power in their lyrics and performances are what makes them a success among the masses. Combine lyrics that have been written to save the world with Chester Bennington’s impressive vocals and you have yourself a Grammy winning band that has made a positive mark on our planet. From anthems about political and social stigmas in our lives with ‘What I’ve Done’ to songs about personal struggles and individual experiences, such as ‘Numb’, Linkin Park is a band that I have immense respect for. Their songs get me thinking about life, death and all the things in between, and sometimes even about what comes after.

My favorite thing about Linkin Park is undoubtedly Bennington. He literally breaks boundaries when it comes to vocal skill, touching the highest notes of each song with ease and raw power. His control over his voice is truly astounding and I for one am dumbfounded every time I hear him sing.

One of the best performances ever by Linkin Park has to be their cover of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’.

Now I’m a huge fan of Adele, and ‘Rolling in the Deep’ is definitely one of my most loved songs by her, but I just felt that Linkin Park’s version of the song channeled the emotions that come along with the lyrics better than the original.

It is very rare when the cover version of a song as legendary as this one goes viral on the internet, let alone becomes a favorite among fans of both artists concerned. I remember what an epic fail Miley Cyrus’ cover version of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana was. It still makes me shudder when I think about it. Nasal banshee, much? In any case, Linkin Park’s cover of Adele’s song spells ‘success’ in capital letters and Bennington brings out the undertones of grief below the anger and ferocity of the song, something I didn’t really feel while listening to the original.

What I like best about the video of Linkin Park’s cover, is the fact that it is live and Linkin Park’s fans are singing along with Chester. It’s beautiful how they know they lyrics by heart before-hand and are joining Bennington in his rendition of a song that isn’t even his. I believe that sort of togetherness amongst fans is the best part of what the music industry has to offer.

On that note, remember to see how Chester takes all the high notes with ease, and check out the emotions on his face throughout the performance. Also don’t forget to notice how the fans are singing along with him; it’s absolutely magical and makes me wish I was there in the audience that day. Don’t miss this one!

What Makes You Wanna Die?

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So I’ll admit it. I’ve actually been seeing pictures of Taylor Momsen all over the internet before I even guessed she was a musician. [I’m not a follower of Gossip Girl.  At all.] Incredibly gorgeous, long-legged and blonde, she came across as more of a goth model of sorts and it wasn’t until I saw a photo of her kissing a microphone did I realize ‘Hey, this one’s a musician!’. Then I Googled her. Needless to say I was pretty impressed when I heard the music.

So this girl’s got an amazing voice. She’s got this deep, sexy voice that could seduce a dead man to walk out of his grave and worship her for eternity. She’s a part of the band The Pretty Reckless, and their sound is a creative mix of Alternative rock and Grunge, which definitely reminds me of Nirvana. Blonde and with a voice to match the depth Cobain’s had, Momsen seems to be making it her personal goal to be the next female Kurt Cobain of today’s music scene.

Their first single ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ from their debut album Light Me Up has revived grunge to a level where people are actually going back and listening to Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam to relive the heydays of the genre. It definitely made me rediscover Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ because of Momsen channeling Kurt Cobain in her very bones. ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ has anger, desperation, resentment and a sense of manic obsession towards the subject of the song, all spelled out with ferocious beats and heavy distortion on the guitars, accompanied by bass to die for. Momsen belts out the lyrics with the control of a young Amy Lee, and while I may not love her as much as I love Amy, I can definitely give her some kudos for her vocal skills.

There is however one thing that I absolutely CANNOT stand about Momsen. Are you ready to hear it? Here goes: She constantly wears/performs in lingerie. Now while some might say it’s sexy, it does absolutely nothing for me. Especially not while she takes her top off in front of thousands of fans in a concert. I’m not usually a prude -As you all know, Lady Gaga is my icon and there are moments of nudity and lingerie there as well- but maybe what irks me about Momsen stripping has  to do with the fact that she’s younger than I would have expected someone who takes their clothes off in public to be. She’s younger than me, and at the time of flashing said audience, she was only seventeen. However we don’t really have control over her wardrobe selections, so I’ll just have to let that one go.

All said and done, The Pretty Reckless are quite impressive when it comes to making music and reviving forgotten legends in today’s auto-tuned, dance-number-dominated world. They are widely accepted among people around the ages of sixteen and above, and a screaming success with dominating the UK rock charts at number one. Their music has impressed me more than I’d like to admit and while they are not a favorite of mine, ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ has seen a considerable amount of replays on my personal playlist. They have been labelled as ‘inspirational’, ‘expressive’ and ‘hardcore’; all of which I agree completely with. Now if only Momsen would put some clothes on…

It’s Been A While, Hasn’t It?

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Hey everyone… As you can tell by the date on my last post as compared to this one, I was away for a LONG time. The truth is there is no excuse. I was on vacation and feeling just as lazy as Bruno Mars laying on his bed. I can assure you that I will more than make up for this, as I have a few surprises in store for all my regular readers and plenty of new music to discuss!

Let’s get right down to business with the much focused on topic of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

This is her second studio album and was met with many different reactions both good and bad. The album, as far as I can tell, is about sexuality, individuality, freedom and choice; all of which Lady Gaga is already a symbol of. The album’s strength lies in its variation of songs. From the raunchy ‘Judas’ to the heart-lifting ‘Edge of Glory’ and the gloriously dark ‘Heavy Metal Lover’ [which happens to be my favorite track on the album], Born This Way manages to appeal to a lot of different types of people. Gaga seems to be using the album as a megaphone to shout out to all her fans that its okay to have your own opinion and personality and to be afraid.

Lady Gaga tells her fans “there is nothing trendy about Born This Way. This connection that we all share is something so much deeper than a wig or lipstick or an outfit, or a fucking meat dress. […] Born This Way is about what keeps us up at night and what makes us afraid.”

Admitting you’re afraid takes a lot of guts and that is what Gaga is going for. Being unique is about meeting your worst fears head-on and finding ways to destroy them. Knowing you’re not alone is a big bonus, like arming yourself with a light-saber and stabbing your inner demons in the head.

However Gaga’s problems include protests from religious groups, largely Catholic, for the usage of the word ‘Jesus’ repeatedly in the album and the song ‘Judas’. Born This Way was in fact banned in Lebanon due to these very reasons. Lady Gaga has also been accused of copying Madonna’s style and Born This Way  has said to have been ‘heavily influenced’ by Madonna’s music. In my book, that depends on personal opinions and individual reactions and comparisons of the album.

However there can be no denying the impact this album has made on the planet. Topping the charts in 23 countries, Gaga yet again proves that she is able to let her voice be heard. She is an icon of the 21st century who has revolutionalized the way we express ourselves.

This is the music video for Born This Way. Fair warning: Lady Gaga’s videos are usually eccentric, artistic and explicit and this is no exception.

Okay, so second thing, I am TOTALLY digging Jason Derulo’s new single ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’. I think all you guys should check it out. It’s typical Jason Derulo, so you can expect plenty of auto-tune and rolling sound effects as heard on every other song he’s done. It makes you want to move, so I recommend it on your playlist if you’re on your way to the gym. The video is utter Derulo sexiness, and he gets really down ‘n’ dirty with it, grinding in leather and black vest gloriousness through water in an abandoned warehouse full of his sexy ‘friends’.

I think a song that has really impressed me recently is Joshua Radin’s ‘Sundrenched World’. Absolutely stunning, this song is Altern at its best. Is delicate yet powerful; like a scent of vanilla… You can’t forget it. It lingers in your body. Joshua Radin’s voice reminds me of everything summer should be: heat, brightness, love and escape. However listening to it on a rainy day as I am now, has an appeal all on its own. The perfect background music to painting or driving or reading: It doesn’t interfere or distract, just hovers pleasantly in the room.

There is no music video for the song, but I do have audio for you:

So until next time, when hopefully I will have some news for you, au revoir!

Ridz <3


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